Earth Song

The other day I was just listening to YouTube Music, as I often do while puttering around the house, and this catchy song I never heard before came on. I could barely hear it from the other room but right away it peaked my interested enough to come into the living room and look at my pc- just in time to hear Justin Beiber sing about him being a baboon with a limited iq and a huge anus. LOL What is this and how did it get on my playlist?
I sat down to listen further and was quickly laughing so hard.
But through all the cutesy jokes is a deeper moral that I am thrilled to hear, our urgency to save this planet. This song directs all to go to a website attached to Leonardo DiCaprio’s organizations. There is extensive knowledge about the three aspects of our lives we need to change the most. Our Energy. Our Nature. Our Food.
I encourage all my fellow Earth livers and lovers to share this video far and wide.
I find the fact that all the artists understood the only way ppl listen now is to be shocked into attention…. hence the wonderfully crass comedy splashed throughout that the rebel in me appreciated very much.

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