Reef vs Sunscreen

What we think the oceans look like: In reality they look more like: I have created this pamphlet after realizing that not enough people are aware of the destruction they cause every time they go swimming with sunscreen on. Please read, pass around link, and print up copies to hand out next time you go... Continue Reading →

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Nova Strata with a Luso-Inglês Twist

There are days when you look in the fridge and find nothing but containers full of great leftovers, staring back at you, saying ¨Use Me before I am no good¨. I cannot bring myself to make something using raw materials when there are still built-in flavor savers screaming to me from my refrigerator shelves. The... Continue Reading →

Honey and stinging nettles syrup

Cooking Without Limits

GAB_0622_mix Honey and stinging nettles syrup

This syrup made with honey and nettles has lots of healthy benefits. Here you can find all about “Stinging nettles” and how healthy they are.

When you use it for cooking you collect only the part that is not in the soil, but, for medical reasons, you will collect the whole plant: leaves, flowers, seeds and roots, because all the parts have therapeutic proprieties. When you combine honey and nettles you get a very healthy mix – this amazing syrup.

It helps your heart and kidneys, your digestive system, rheumatism, etc. It is also good for your skin and hair.


  • 40 – 50 fresh nettles cut in small pieces
  • 200 – 250 g honey


Put the nettles in a jar. Fill it 75%. Pour the honey on top of the nettles till the jar is full. For 30 days stir the mix daily.

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BB & Sweet Pot Breakfast

If you ask my husband, nothing can be better than beans & bacon. I have spoken of this before, so I am always finding new ways to improve on this simple dish. Ingredients: 200g beans, I started with dry pinto beans and soaked them for 24 hours before I started the recipe, but any style... Continue Reading →

Earth Song

The other day I was just listening to YouTube Music, as I often do while puttering around the house, and this catchy song I never heard before came on. I could barely hear it from the other room but right away it peaked my interested enough to come into the living room and look at... Continue Reading →

Bacalhau à Brás

This is one of the yummiest dishes I have EVER had here in Portugal. This country is well known for its love of Bacalhau, which is what they call salted cod. The whole fish is preserved in salt, has a slightly salty taste, and a smell that will chase you out of the grocery stores.... Continue Reading →

Sticky Curry Pork Ribs

Even though I used Pork Ribs, you can take advantage of ANY cut of meat.All of the items listed below, aside from the meat, are part of my staple kitchen. I have them on hand all of the time. Inspired by American BBQ and Indian/Portuguese VindalooACTIVE TIME 30 minTOTAL TIME 4 hours   Ingredients: 1 kg pork ribs (or other... Continue Reading →

Inqenuity at the Portuguese Gas Stations

👀       What better way to travel on a budget than having  the ability to wash and goLaundry facility inside a gas station👀      They also offer FREE air & water station with an extension growing out of the tree next to itDigital tire gauge that auto pumps air to set level👀       ... Continue Reading →

The Magical Bean

Over the past couple of months, I have to say money has been tight for my husband and I. Luckily we love beans!   So when I got a bag of garbanzo beans by mistake, I decided it was time to experiment beyond the typical cooking style.I have discovered that getting bulk uncooked beans is the... Continue Reading →

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